Watch What we long for is ourselves (ita/eng)

Watch What we long for is ourselves (ita/eng)

What we long for is ourselves (ita/eng)

Titignano Retreat August 2017 (ita/eng) – 1h 58m

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  • Abandoning mental attachment (ita/eng)

    As you immerse yourself in that which you are, you start to touch the mystery of Being. And when this happens, everything about you is transformed. Everything that is known, becomes foreign. Everything that you know, forgotten. Because everything is renewed by you, by that which you are.

  • All that appears comes and go, you pe...

    All which that appears comes and goes, but you don't go come and go: you persist. You are that on which the whole universe is founded. Life is born in you, exists in you, transforms within you.
    Tutto ci+o che appare, va e viene, ma tu non vai e vieni, tu persisti. Tu sei ci+o su cui tutto l'u...

  • Shiva and Shakti (ita/eng)

    Shakti shares one of the ancient creation myths from the Shakti/Shiva perspective and invites to not identify with the energy that goes through us as we experience any energetic phenomena.
    Shakti condivide uno dei piu' antichi miti della creazione dalla prospettiva Shakti/Shiva, ed invita ad ...